Sort it out

As you know, I have been a bit quiet when it comes to politics recently. But I log onto twitter this morning to find UKIP BNP and the Lib Dems are trending.

Turns out that the Lib Dems came 6th last night in the Barnsley Central ByeElection

Results: Lab 61% UKIP 12% Con 8% Ind 5% Lib Dems 4% we were actually classed as Others!

I was shocked looking at this, I am worried about the future for the Lib Dems.




This is my first Blog post in 2011.  It’s possibly a little late to say this but I hope everybody had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In this post I wanted to say, how happy I was when I was Acknowledged for my blogging whilst walking in my estate with a couple of friends.

I was told that I should of printed my post on Colchester Schools to the paper, and to be honest it crossed my mind when I first wrote it. Sadly I never did.

It was really nice to be praised for my opinions on what the County Council have planned for the schools in my town.  Now I feel as though my blogging is making a difference.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sorry there has not been a new blog in a while. I just thought I should wish everybody a very Happy Christmas and a fantastic 2011.


Schools in Colchester – Final Decision

Something I feel very strongly about is the education in Colchester Borough. When I got in yesterday there was a A4 sized envelope from my school. This was unusual, but when we opened it, it was about the future of the schools in Colchester, from Essex County Council.

I flicked straight to the number on Roll, I saw the massive decrease in numbers at my school. It has always been the smallest school in the Colchester area, but there was a decrease of 400+ students in a matter of years.

When I started in year 8 after leaving Sir Charles Lucas (Now called Colchester Academy, no idea why) the number on roll at Alderman Blaxill School was 662, now 4 years on its 259, a change of 403.

Word has it that next years, year 7’s have 57 students putting Blaxill as there number one priority. This is an increase of 20 students from the year before.

Doesn’t this show that in a growing town these schools are needed and shouldn’t be closed down? I can’t see the logic from the county council and it disgusts me.

I never want my children in the future to be educated in Colchester!

Bud, Sweat and Beers Review

Okey, so lately I have been on about Devlin’s debut album Bud, Sweat and Beers which was released today. A 21 year old from Dagenham, and an unbelievably talented artist. Devlin’s debut album has dark, deep and superb lyrics. I thought Plan B’s lyrics were intense but these are something else.

I have found after listening to the album twice from song 1 to 14 that this is the best album I have ever bought. Hopefully the album will get far and chart well, he has obviously worked hard and created a massive fan following including myself. I wish more of my school friends would take time to listen to his music.

Our Father is already one of my all time favorite songs, the lyrics used to portray how god looks down on his planet, Devlin describes how the world has been ruined by us and how natural disasters take there toll.

Please, if you want to listen to a lyrical genius check out Devlin – Bud, Sweat and Beers.


Tuition fee increase will be capped

So Mr Clegg said this morning on the Andrew Marr show that he was “uneasy” about Universities setting unlimited tuition fees in England.

Clegg was later asked whether fees would be capped, he said “Correct”.

One of the main reasons I support the Liberal Democrats is because during the election campaign a main policy was to scrap tuition fees. Fair enough I think most Lib Dems at the moment are saying the same thing, but in years to come I would love to go to uni, at the moment that looks unlikely.

Vince Cable said he was concidering a £7,000 cap, but at the moment in England, Wales and Northern Ireland students are charged a maximum of £3,290 in fees per year.

How on Earth does this benefit the student? Apparently it will but I cant see how it can.

Living up to a reputation

I live in Colchester, one of the fastest growing towns in the country but I also have a second home in Dagenham. Dagenham is renowned for being a bit of a dump, and to be fair it lives up to it’s reputation but things are being done to make it better.

This blog is about College, having struggled at school over the past 18 months it has made it very difficult for me to get the GCSE grades I need.

I went to Colchester Sixth Forms open evening last Tuesday, I was really impressed and all the students seem very kind.  On November the 13th I will be checking out Barking and Dagenham College  to see which one I prefer.  Then I will move to the chosen area permanently.

I am trying my hardest at school to turn the wrongs to rights, finally at last things seem to be looking up. All the staff say that I have a good brain but that I don’t use it. To be honest I only use my brain when on Twitter or WordPress.

Not alot I have left to say on this subject, just a bit bored 13 floors up in a flat.

1001 tweets to see before you die

So today I reached 1001 tweets, which is a great achievement. In this small blog I just wanted to say what a great journey it has been since my first tweet on this account, two months before the General Election.

I remember having 11 followers for absolutely ages, now I have about 80. My blog has become more succesful than I expected thanks to Spiderplant Land and Cjmillsnun as well as others of course.

So now 1001 tweets in, hopefully there will be more fun and debate as I get closer to 2000 only 999 to go.

Thanks, Sam

Votes at 16

I’m a strong believer in lowering the voting age to 16, there are many Pros and Cons for this, as there are with most things.

In my GCSE English exam last may Votes at 16 was the topic making it very easy for me and I walked away with good marks. This made people of my age taking the exam, want the voting age lowered.

At 16 you can join the army, you have finished compulsory education and you can legally have sex.

So why can’t you vote?

Well the only thing that I can see as a con is the fact that most 16 year old’s have little or no understanding of politics.

I can think of 5 or 6 College Students at 16 who have no idea and would vote BNP for a laugh.

So in a way reducing the voting age to 16 is a waste of time, as a lot of 16 year old’s would waste their vote.

What are your views?

My new programme

Okey, so this is probably the only blog under the category of Fitness and Health.

Just thought I’d tell you that I was doing a new programme but I need all the support and motivation possible.

I’m the least motivated person in the world, and I get new ideas but never ever stick with them. 

If anybody has any weight loss or toning up tips or anything I will be very grateful.